@ddorn or @CozyFractal

Diego Dorn

Diego smiling


  1. 2022 - Current

    Lead developper of SPRIG, a decentralised platform to increase trust in mathematical proofs via game theory
  2. 2021 - Current

    Master in computer science at EPFL
  3. 2021

    Graduating from the EPFL with a Bachelor of Mathematics
  4. Spring 2021

    Bachelor project in descriptive set theory, under the supervision of Jacques Duparc
  5. 2019

    Mathinfoly: Summer school on cryptography, blockchain and formal verification at ENS Lyon, France
  6. 2018

    Start of a bachelor of mathematics at EPFL, Switzerland.
  7. 2017-2018

    One year exchange in Australia, obtention of the VCE at the Koonung secondary college.
  8. 2013-2017

    High school scientific degree in Strasbourg, France.


  1. 2020-2021 — President of CQFD

    Management of a team of 14 people, redesign of events to accomodate the pandemic.

    CQFD is the association of students in mathematics at EPFL. It organises academic and social events and mediation with the school.

  2. 2020 — National organiser of the 𝕋𝔽𝕁𝕄²

    Coordination of 9 events across France, adaptation of the event to online under unpredictible conditions with only a 32% decrease in participation, developement of an online infrastructure to accomodate the new needs, gestion of external communication (Twitter, Website)

    The 𝕋𝔽𝕁𝕄² is a French mathematical competion for high school students where they solve, write and debate about open problems over the span of three months. It aims to introduce them to the world of mathematical research.

  3. 2018-2020 — Member of CQFD

    Organisation of events with 80+ people, responsible for a 250+ sweater command and distribution.


  • Python

    • 50+ projects
    • 7 years experience
    • 5+ libraries created
  • JavaScript

    • 6+ projects
    • 4 Webapps with VueJS
    • 1 professional project
  • Python tools

    • Math libraries: numpy, numba, matplotlib, multiprocessing
    • Network: flask, fastAPI, asyncio, discord.py, sockets
    • Game dev: pygame, moderngl
  • Rust

    • 10+ projects
  • C++

    • Teaching assistant for two years at EPFL
    • Teaching staff on two MOOCS from EPFL
  • Other languages

    • 6502 Assembly, GLSL
    • Coq, Latex, Matlab
  • Daily tools

    • bash, i3wm, vim
    • git, Gitlab, Github
    • OS: NixOS, Arch Linux

Topics of interests

I would be happy to work on any of these topics, especially if it can have a large positive impact on the world.
Global priorities
Environemnt, Fish & Meat industry, prioritisation, AI Safety & Alignment
Formal logic, model theory, formal verification, independance
Descriptive set theory
Wadge hierachy, infinite games, difference hierarchy
Fractals, chaos theory, self replicating systems and artificial life.
Game developement, Climbing, Science-fiction, decision theory, hot chocolate


  1. Between decidable logics: ω-automata and infinite games, Master project (link)
  2. Infinite games in the Baire space, Bachelor thesis (link)